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Annuity Tables

Retirement years are golden days of our life and we all want to get pleasure from these days. Traditionally most of people use pension plans, IRA, 401(k), or 401(b) to hoard funds for their retirement. But now, in these days annuities are hitting the attention of more and more retirement planners. Annuities are convenient and great ways to set aside a certain sum of money for retirement years.

Now if you have invested your hard money into annuity funds, do you want to know, how much your money will grow? This can be identified with the help of annuity tables. Annuity tables play important role for annuitants. On the basis of monthly payments to annuity fund, the number of years the money will remain in the annuity, and the projected rate of return, the annuity tables help to find how much can be backed out every month during retirement years and how long the money in the annuity will last.

In case of fixed rate annuities, annuitants are well acknowledged about rate of return. But in variable rate annuities interest rate will rise and fall during the life of the annuity and at this time annuity tables help to determine the growth of funds. Annuity tables work on historical rates of return. New annuity tables give the retirement planners the option to shop around and set down a shortlist of annuity providers to purchase best annuity product. Calculations are based on available funds, type of annuity and age of annuitants. On the basis of all these information, annuity tables determine expected growth of annuity fund and the monthly income annuitants will receive.

However it is the most important to explore in detail and select best annuity product for your needs. Check fees and expenses charged by the annuity provider. This way you can lead a comfortable life during your retirement years.

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